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Our Father who art in Hell

Hallowed be thy name

Thy Kingdom is here

In Heaven as well as on Earth

Give us unto Ecstasy

Deliver to us your wisdom

And lead us onto paths of temptation

For Thine is the Kingdom 

And the Power

And the Glory



Traditional Satanism has never been an organized or formal religion. It has always had a loose doctrinal structure and a cell-based operating structure. It is a folk religion, not a bureaucratic monopoly. It is only now, when the iron political grip of Jehovah has begun to weaken that this path can step out of the shadows; and given the rather large amount of individuals promoting their own "Satanisms" it has become well overdue that a formal Satanic doctrine should arise that is actually in conformity to the facts of actual Satanic belief and practice over the past thousand or so years.

As is well attested by Richard Cavendish in the last few chapters of "The Black Arts," Satanism grew primarily from Christian heresies, primarily Gnosticism.  Thus authentic Satanism must be understood from a Gnostic perspective. 

Satan in this respect as seen as largely interchangeable with Lucifer and functionally equivalent to the Gnostic Christ. Thus his characteristics include a salvific role, the nature of this salvation is through "Gnosis" or experiential knowledge, which in Satanism is often spoken of as a Black Flame, a spiritual spark that dwells within Satan's chosen elite. It should be noted this is not mere belief, it is the recognition of a de facto state within the Satanist, a state of awareness of personal divinity. Thus the Satanist cannot be an atheist, to deny the existence of any God would be self-delusion, nor can he be a Theist, because he sees no personal deity separate from himself. The theist/atheist dichotomy is transcended within the the Satanist mind.

Jehovah in Satanism is seen as the  cosmic Demiurge, an ignorant being who created the degenerate physical realm. The actions and rituals of Satanism are designed to mock this being, to shock the individual and potentially society as well so as to make positive change toward spiritual freedom, thus Satanism represents a movement towards spiritual revolution within the individual and society.  This is the roots of its apparent rebelliousness, it is not merely a childish reaction disguised as non-conformity, it is not mockery for its own sake, but the active expression of divine will on the material plane, it is a call and declaration of spiritual warfare upon the Archonic powers of Jehovah!

The central rite of Satanism is the Black Mass, it serves firstly as a parody of the Catholic Christian Eucharist, secondly the ritual itself generates tremendous energy which may be directed towards a number of purposes, and thirdly it provides the participants with an immense spiritual ecstasy and catharsis that is itself beneficial. It typically includes ritualistic sexuality, this is due to the high regard Satanism feels toward sexual pleasure and the power generated from sexual acts, also to engage in sex for reasons other than pleasure defies Jehovah's command to "be fruitful and multiply" while if a child does result that child will be trained as an elite soldier in service to Satan, growing Satan's legions upon the earth thus twisting the command to multiply toward Satanic ends.

It is probably clear by now that there is a built in anomosity between Satanism and Christianity, this is due firstly to the very nature of Jehovah himself, and secondly to the actions of his church which has distorted and corrupted European culture for centuries even as it has murdered and repressed its people. Karma is certainly a bitch.