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For nearly 2000 years Jehovah has ruled Europe*, he has extended his tyranny of mediocrity to every corner of the Earth. Despite such repression however, individuals have consistently risen up, often invisibly to the established hierarchy;  each banding into small covert groups to worship a wisdom that refused to die. These covens collected and adhered to a diverse blend of every idea that the church rejected, in doing so, a loose system of thought took shape with its roots firmly in the Christian heresies and pagan customs that the church tried so hard to suppress. This system is Traditional Satanism. It is the Western form of the Left Hand Path, a means of  attaining divinity by looking in the mirror rather than to the sky. It is a harsh path, it is not nor will it ever be for anyone other than the elite who are chosen for it. It is not a pathetic hedonism or atheism playing dress-up, it holds to no illusions, it sees no free  will, no liberty, no equality, it leans not on emotional crutches, nor petty ostentation, and it knows nothing of compromise, yet it is flexible, adaptable,  and in a world going steadily on its path to ruin it is the only path the elite of Europe's culture have before them. In the land of sheep it is the path of the wolves.


*European also includes the United States and Canada, which are merely extensions of Europe to new continents.